Building a web application for Freshworks

When Freshworks, an Auckland based food ordering and subscription service in the making approached us with a requirement to develop a web-based food ordering application, it was clear the discussion was not about designing a website, but about building a digital experience. After gathering all the requirements and expectations from Freshworks, we started building the application from the ground up using Node.js. Node.js is a server framework designed to build fast and scalable applications. Its event-driven processing is useful for producing extremely scalable and high-performance applications with a multi-platform compatible code. Node.js saves time and money and is widely used among numerous digital services including giants like PayPal, Netflix and LinkedIn. 


  1. Develop a web-based application where users can subscribe and place weekly lunch orders.
  2. Integrate with a secure payment gateway.
  3. Advice on and build the application to tight security standards.
  4. Manage the hosting and maintenance of the application.

What the customer has to say

I reached out to Rene at Switch IT with a requirement to build a web application for a food ordering service we have been working on for a while. Some of the application features we wanted meant that integration with third-party solutions such as payment gateways and user verification systems was needed, which I thought would make this project complex and costly. However, I was very surprised at how quickly Rene and his team got back to me with a functioning application, which less than a month ago was only a plan on paper. Right from our first meeting, Rene was very quick to identify possible security loopholes of the required application and advised us on alternatives to meet tight security levels. I have not seen this level of focus on security in my interactions with other service providers. I highly recommend Switch IT’s all-around services to anyone looking for a reliable web development agency. 


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