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By June 10, 2018Services, Utilities

If you are reading this blog you probably have an idea for a website or a mobile app and you found us while looking for software development companies on Google. Awesome! You have come to the right place! While the early days of a business can be hugely exciting, it is also where a lot of first-time entrepreneurs make costly decisions which can down a business before it can take off – specially if it involves technology in the form of a website, mobile app or software in general. The purpose of this blog post is to introduce you to the technique of MVP – a concept which can save you time and money, and ultimately your business!

What is an MVP?

MVP, short for Minimum Viable Product is a development technique used to build the very first, bare bones version of a product (website, app or any software system) which can help you launch faster, affordably and with less risk. It is not the talk of the town and certainly not a new concept, but a concept a lot of first time entrepreneurs seem unaware of. Often times when you start a business, you just aren’t sure how to go from idea to actually launching your business with that website or app idea you have in mind. You could call an MVP the bridge to get from idea to launch.

How can an MVP help my business?

Starting out with an MVP helps you to gauge interest and collect feedback from your target market before you jump full-time into a project. It is affordable, helps you get to market faster and reduces risk. If the Minimum Viable Product version of your business doesn’t yield the anticipated results, you can simply halt the development process to see if the MVP needs tweaking or additional features, or if you come to the conclusion that the business is not viable based on your MVP findings, you can pat yourself on the back for not investing your time and money fully into it.

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